William Kentridge

Waiting to Forget Something

27 marzo – 1 giugno
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The Centre Pompidou is organising an exhibition paying tribute to Ilya Kabakov (1933-2023) curated by Nicolas Liucci-Gounikov. The exhibition will present Ilya and Emilia Kabakov's never-before-seen Two Times installation (2020), a museographic display that evokes both a science museum and the polygonal apse of a church. The installation presents five large-format paintings that highlight Ilya Kabakov's 'pictorial collage' practice in the wake of Pop art. Tearing them up and gluing them together, Kabakov painted images ranging from ancient paintings to photos of a radiant future reproduced in Soviet reviews. The Centre Pompidou will also show important works from its permanent collection, including documentation about Ilya and Emilia's groundbreaking mega installation We Are Living Here which was displayed at the museum in 1995. Spanning 1,800 m2, the total installation represented a large construction area for a 'Beautiful Palace of the Future'. Upon entering it, the viewer discovers that the site has been abandoned, shedding light on the reality of communism's utopian promises in the USSR.

  • Centre Pompidou
  • 22 maggio 2024 – 10 marzo 2025
ALFREDO JAAR |  winner of IV Mediterranean Albert Camus Prize

ALFREDO JAAR | winner of IV Mediterranean Albert Camus Prize

The jury of the IV Mediterranean Albert Camus Prize convened in Menorca on May 3, 2024. Composed of Javier Gomá, who acts as its president, and N’Goné Fall, Miquel Molina, José Luis Pérez Pont and Anne Prouteau, it has decided to unanimously award Alfredo Jaar the IV Mediterranean Albert Camus Prize. A universal artist who transcends territories and cultures. A creator whose work, in constant resonance with the convulsions of the world, opens the doors to possible futures. Always respecting others, in a commitment to the service of social justice, his poetic work reaches all audiences, sparks dialogue and provides keys to understanding the world

  • Menorca
  • 3 maggio 2024
ALFREDO JAAR | Group show

ALFREDO JAAR | Group show

Why War? is a contemporary art exhibition that interrogates the multifaceted phenomenon of war and, from diverse aesthetic experiences, opens up spaces for clarity and thought that question the persistence of the violence of war. Participating artists: Alfredo Jaar, Francesc Abad, Kader Attia, Isabel Banal, Bleda y Rosa, Juan Manuel Echavarría (with Gabriel Ossa and Fernando Grisález), Rula Halawani, Shirin Neshat, Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Francesc Torres.

  • Born Centro de Cultural I Memòria
  • Plaça Comercial, 12, Ciutat Vella, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • 18 marzo – 29 settembre 2024
UGO MULAS | Pino Pascali in Fondazione Prada

UGO MULAS | Pino Pascali in Fondazione Prada

Fondazione Prada presents an extensive retrospective dedicated to the Italian artist Pino Pascali (1935-1968). The project explores the innovative character of his work, especially in relation to his sculptural production, which has had a fundamental impact on several generations of artists and critics over the last fifty years and continues to attract the attention of the international public. The exhibition project consists of four sections. The third section examines Pascali's interaction with his sculptures in photographs taken by Claudio Abate, Andrea Taverna and Ugo Mulas and how these images suggest imaginative ways of approaching his work.

  • Fondazione Prada
  • L.go Isarco, 2, 20139 Milano MI
  • 28 marzo – 23 settembre 2024


The exhibition Outside the Soup emphasizes the potential of art to create new worldviews through radical imagination and artistic experimentation; placing care, solidarity, and trust at the forefront. Rather than building on a conceptual framework as the underpinning for the exhibition, the role of mutual and reciprocal relationships within the artistic ecosystem takes center stage. Outside the Soup brings together a large and diverse international group of artists who create narrative-based, highly visual works steeped in imagination. The exhibition will be activated through an extensive context- and community program of workshops and guided tours. With work by Marzia Migliora and other artists.

  • W139
  • Warmoesstraat 139, 1012 JB Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 26 aprile – 21 luglio 2024
WILLIAM KENTRIDGE | Solo Show a Taiwan

WILLIAM KENTRIDGE | Solo Show a Taiwan

This exhibition is a collaborative effort between the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the Royal Academy of Arts (RA) in London, showcasing Kentridge's draftsmanship as the curatorial focus. From his earliest charcoal drawing to the stop-motion short film series of drawing for the projections, and from film directing to stage performances, as well as his recent large-scale drawings of trees and flowers using ink and charcoal, the exhibition meticulously traces his creative trajectory and aesthetic dimensions. Over four decades of dedicated exploration in monochromatic expression, Kentridge has developed a fresh vocabulary of expanded translation from his drawings. In his works, the seemingly limitations of black and white breed boundless energy. With subtle delineation, he conveys depth and complexity, revealing intricate layers of meaning and emotion.

  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum
  • No. 181, Section 3, Zhongshan N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491
  • 4 maggio – 1 settembre 2024

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