Carlo Alfano was born in Naples in 1932 where he lived and studied ABA before becoming a painter, draftsman and exponent of intermedial art. Since the beginning in informal figurative painting, after 1962 Alfano comes to geometrical shapes using metal cylinders that return distorted reflections. He was distinguished by a continued rigorous artistic and original style restless and not comparable to any precise current of the second half of the twentieth century. He participated in the most important exhibitions of his time raising much debate criticism. Since the early eighties, the artist is dedicated mostly on painting focusing on the relationship between light and dark. In the decade 1980-90 Alfano research has accentuated tones of intimate and existential work of deep lyricism like at the XL Venice Biennale (1982). He died in 1990 and in April 2001, the Museum Castel dell’Ovo in Naples dedicated him an important retrospective.