The name Granular Synthesis was chosen by Kurt Hentschläger and Ulf Langheinrich in 1991 when they began working together. The two artists create multimedia installations that consist of large video projections of images and lights completed by musical arrangements. Exploring the potential of software has always been at the heart of their artistic quest. The term Granular Syinthesis refers to a technique generally used to synthesize small audio samples which are then assembled digitally.

With the aid of technology, the two artists examine the relationship between image and sound by analyzing the impact that these elements have upon sensory perception. This line of research had already manifested itself in the Venice Biennale where Granular Synthesis represented the Austrian pavillion with their video installation “Reset”. The spectator was asked to enter a technological environment and confront it. Digital images and sound formed a barrier to be broken down but, at the same time, represented new horizons that the spectator was forced to watch.