For over twenty years, the Lia Rumma gallery has been in Naples, an essential reference for the development of Contemporary Art at an international level. The exhibition, Le Costanti nell'Arte, which will open on February 26, 1994, at 6:00 p.m., is a testimony and a moment of reflection on the work carried out in these decades.
The historical character of the exhibition - a sort of retrospective on two decades of art in Naples and in the world - will allow to document the series of "personal" and "collective" exhibitions held by the gallery since 1971 (year of its foundation), underlining the fundamental contribution of artists, the role of collectors, the sensitive presence of the city to this enterprise.
The path of the exhibition, marked by particularly significant works, will highlight, through a didactically effective display, the various moments that have marked international art since the late sixties. The exhibition will move precisely from Arte Povera, by a young collector and publisher, Marcello Rumma, who was, then, in all these years, the name tutelary of the gallery.

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