Over 70 works, three museums, a single title for three exhibitions born from the desire to show the variety, complexity and thoroughness of the artistic work of Ettore Spalletti, master of Italian contemporary art. E' UN GIORNO COSì BIANCO, COSì BIANCO curated by Danilo Eccher.

The exhibition at GAM in Turin aims to reconstruct the atmosphere of Ettore Spalletti's studio. The intention is not to physically reproduce the space itself but to transmit the artist's poetics by recreating the energy that one feels in that environment.
Ettore Spalletti lives his places emotionally: here he spends his days, and the studio, like his home, is to all intents and purposes a protected refuge, a privileged observation point of the surrounding world, where his personal reflection and interpretation of the essence of the things that surround him is born. It is the place that welcomes the thoughts from which his works are born, faithful companions in life. The coexistence with them is continuous and persistent: it is not reduced to the creative moment or the long period of work during which Spalletti carefully chooses the materials, studies and controls the transformation of the pigments and the final effect of the colours.