Rome 12 March 2014. Over 70 works, three museums, a single title for three exhibitions born from the desire to show the variety, complexity and thoroughness of the artistic work of Ettore Spalletti, master of Italian contemporary art. E' UN GIORNO COSì BIANCO, COSì BIANCO curated by Andrea Viliani, Alessandro Rabottini.

The exhibition at the MADRE shows about 40 works that covers, occupying the entire third floor of the museum, the entire articulation of the artist's research, from his beginnings in the sixties to his most recent production. However, the exhibition does not adopt a chronological criteria, in order to give back that cancellation of time as linearity, that is, the sensation of time as the eternal present of perceptive experience and materials, which is at the heart of Ettore Spalletti's own artistic practice.
On display will be works that have never been exhibited to the public, such as the great installation-sculpture 'Foglie' from 1969 and the architectural maquettes for projects, both realized and never realized, as well as a series of works that represent fundamental moments within the artist's path: 'Presenza stanza', 1978, from which emerges the central theme of his work on the relationship between painting and sculpture, understood as the articulation of colour in space; 'Colonna di colore', 1979, a solitary sculptural presence that transforms colour into a pillar of architecture; 'Contatto', 1976, in which the pigment as dust (therefore in its original form) creates a perceptive relationship of an almost symbiotic nature with the exhibition space and the spectator.