Rome 12 March 2014. Over 70 works, three museums, a single title for three exhibitions born from the desire to show the variety, complexity and thoroughness of the artistic work of Ettore Spalletti, master of Italian contemporary art. E' UN GIORNO COSì BIANCO, COSì BIANCO curated by Anna Mattirolo.

In the exhibition at MAXXI, Spalletti takes over space by composing an itinerary constructed from his most recent works, which lead us through a musical course, made up of chromatic chords, pauses and silences that brings together all the works in a single orchestration.
The works are in constant relation with the architecture that hosts them, leading the visitor through an involving visual experience, in which the colour crosses the space like a breath.
On the walls of the room, the colour moves along large format panels like the 'Parole di colore' all created in 2011, works in which the painting seems to move, unstable, rarefied.
Spalletti touches all the architectural elements, from the floor, on which the color lies like a horizon with 'Voce bassa' (2014) an inclined expanse of blue, to the 'Colonne sole' (2014), great appearances, a tribute to the architecture and beauty of the Italian landscape, to the centrality of an absolute sculpture, in which the visitor is invited to enter. At the centre of the gallery stands the work that gives the title to the project of the three exhibitions: 'Un giorno così bianco, così bianco' (2014). A volume of four meters on each side that contains 11 white paintings to demonstrate how the artist's work continually crosses over into sculpture and vice versa.