Orizzonti is the title of Giovanni Anselmo's installation: it consists of 4 blue lights representing the words North, East, South and West, the 4 cardinal points.All the lights are visible at the same time from the center of the square, so that anyone passing by can find their way around, looking for their direction in space. By pointing out the cardinal points from the exact center of Piazza Carlo Alberto, the artist relates a place in Turin to a larger, global, geographic, and ultimately cosmic space. The viewer, as well as the casual passerby, will in this way have the opportunity to go "beyond" the mere spatial and historical datum in which they find themselves living at that moment, finding and redefining their own horizon.The installation interacts with the layout of the city, repositioning it and showing, in a subtly disturbing way, how the claimed orthogonality of much of the urban plan is actually out of phase with the cardinal points. Through Anselmo's works, one can feel the world take position beneath one's feet, and the body becomes physically and mentally aware of eternal and unchanging elements, as in the case of the historical works in which the magnetic needle of compasses indicating north is used.The artist directly presents the energies of the cosmos and of life, staging them, exposing them rather than representing them, and making visible concepts such as gravity, balance and the forces of nature.