The Passageway exhibition project is part of a four-year exhibition programme dedicated to themes that have characterised Giuseppe Panza di Biumo's research and collection, including 'nature and form', 'rhythm and dynamics', 'sign and message', and 'light and colour'. Passageway concludes the cycle dedicated to 'nature and form', following on from Ex Natura. The exhibition showcases new works from the Panza di Biumo Collection and provides further insights into the theme.
It features four large installations, including one created specifically for this occasion, and was conceived in close collaboration with the artist. The exhibition is held in the Scuderie and the Rimesse per le Carrozze spaces. Beeswax, rice, stone, paper, and brass are used to create works that reflect the vulnerability of nature and the importance of respecting it. These creations also encourage us to take action to protect fragile ecosystems. Since the late 1970s, Wolfgang Laib has been developing his creative vocabulary through a continuous and inseparable exchange with the natural world. He collects pollen for his minimalist works with bright yellow soil, works with beeswax for his sculptures, and uses grains of rice as a symbol of spiritual nourishment, delicacy, and sensuality.