Starting on Wednesday 28 April, 2021, Lia Rumma Gallery is pleased to present "The Communicator" (2012), and "Ecstasy II"(2012), an installation of eight sculptures and a photographic work by Marina Abramović, at Via della Spiga 31, Milan.
The Serbian artist's works symbolise the transformation and revitalisation of empty spaces and places. In the wake of the Viavài project, and in parallel with the ATO Art Takes Over initiative, the owners of the empty storefronts of one of the main streets of the Fashion District host contemporary art exhibitions, visible every day and at any time, underlining Via della Spiga's eventful history and its link with the arts.

Abramović's works will thus dialogue with the installations by Monica Bonvicini and Ariel Schlesinger, presented by ATO Art Takes Over @art.takesover at number 48, and with Nathalie Du Pasquier's installation at Via della Spiga 52, presented by VIA Visiting Installation Art @via.exhibit