Grazia Toderi and Gilberto Zorio's solo exhibition entitled G, curated by Andrea Viliani, represents the first collaboration between the two Artists.

The exhibition - organized by the Associazione Panchine d'Artista and the City of Vigone, with the support of the Regione Piemonte and the contribution of Fondazione CRT - is accompanied by a bilingual (Italian/English) catalog that will be published during the exhibition, including an essay by the curator Andrea Viliani.

Belonging to two different generations, and authors of independent researches, Toderi and Zorio have conceived the exhibition through reciprocal references and correspondences, which reformulate the spatial and temporal coordinates of the exhibition venue, the seventeenth-century Chiesa del Gesù in Vigone, transformed into a place that evokes space and time of their own, in which elements that are at once recognizable and indefinite, concrete and imaginative, interpenetrate.