The rooms are brimming with memories that have accumulated over time. The three artists have sought to make the rooms resonate, triggering a sudden acceleration in meaning for the signs within them. Various psychic phenomena are associated with each other according to criteria of similarity rather than contiguousness, as happens in physical resonance, and this process will help them to construct an architecture of relations. This machine will be able to connect different historical and geographical fields. It is a system capable of explaining spatial and physical connections, between interiors and exteriors, between public and private use and between nature and artifice. This all means designing connections between social, aesthetic and behavioural organisations. It represents an interstitial project of mediation and ties between morphologically different contexts, capable of establishing strong relations in vertical and horizontal section with the layers of the cultural context under examination. As a consequence, any attempt to describe the show in terms of how visitors will be able to reflect upon it from the first day of the public opening is no simple matter. The only solution is to categorise it as an extraordinary phenomenon, open to indescribable developments. This assumes that the word ‘indescribable’ can be applied to visual art insofar as it gains awareness of the debt and the consequent need to address the formal world of pre-determined expressive values, whether they derive from the past or the present. Given this awareness, the artists have preferred to leave the show untitled.
The tension expressed in the attempt to strike an independent note in their stylistic language has led the artists to give greater prominence to mnemonics in order to come to terms, in complete sincerity, with the pre-determined forms of visual culture.
The memory of events is condensed within the images and object-signs produced by the artists which become the place where the memory of events is most directly precipitated and condensed: the social memory which, in certain circumstances, can be reactivated and downloaded. (Text by Marco Tagliafierro)