Lia Rumma Gallery in Naples presents, on November 18th 2021, Paolo Icaro’s exhibition entitled Dribbling.

Dribbling presents a number of historic works from the 1970s, set up in the gallery in such a way as to create between the works and the space that houses them an oscillation in time and experience, a "dribbling" through existence. “The nucleus of the pieces I’ve selected,” Icaro states, “make the visitor the protagonist, as opposed to the objects themselves. I chose these works on account of time, the time that divides 1968 from us today, but also because in 1968 I was in Amalfi, and it was there that, through her husband Marcello Rumma, my history with Lia Rumma began.” Paolo Icaro who was present at the exposition Arte Povera + Povere Azioni (promoted and organized by Marcello Rumma at the Arsenali di Amalfi and curated by Germano Celant in October of ‘68) is now putting “in play” an exhibition with a series of works, originally from Amalfi, at the Galleria Lia Rumma. The materials constantly offer a way of doing things, while at the same time foreshadowing their undoing in order to redo and (as theorized by the artist) ultimately see the continuous interpretive process.