This exhibition, specially created for the gallery's space, continues the theme of "Poetica dura" that Pistoletto announced at the beginning of 1985 as a new moment in his work. These are volumes defined as "anonymous material", with deaf polychromy and canvases that thicken the color as if it were an object or magma absorbed in the bottom of the well. They are thicknesses of fragmented shapes that invade the environment and rest aligned between floor and wall to form a "long playing" of pieces that are traces of different moments and works, even if distant from each other, approached, connected and superimposed. Starting with the "Mirror Paintings" created in 1961-62, Pistoletto's work advances over the years, multiplying its aspects like facets of a continuous, changing present. From the mirror comes the vision of a painting always upset by movement, by the change of images (reflected), therefore of a reality that lives from its own incessant transformation. This dynamic brings a new dimension to Pistoletto's work, "time" that cuts the forms of memory into elusive fragments of the present. The exhibition is like walking through a painting that invades an entire space. One crosses the full and the empty and is crossed by it in the perception of volumes that seem impalpable surfaces and surfaces that become intrusive volumes. The exhibition will remain open until the first half of April 1988.

Press release