Works by Steinbach have already been shown in Naples in the exhibitions ROOTED RHETORIC curated by Gabriele Guercio, Castel dell'Ovo (July '86) and EXTREME ORDER curated by Collins & Milazzo at Lia Rumma (May/June '87).
Haim Steinbach's sculpture consists of arrangemets of store-bought or found, utilitarian or decoratve objects, single or in quantity on fomica/ wood shelves built specifically for their display.

With references to Minimal Art (the shelf/sculpture) and also Pop Art (the consumer object) and with an obvious regard for the spectacle of display itself, the artist's attention to color, number, hierarchy of position and dimension, function and movement could be interpreted as relating to the mechanism of meaning and value within the art world, and to late capitalism's obsession with "choice" and the satinsfaction of desires.
In this show, conceived in Naples and created for Naples the artist introduces, for the first time, precious artefacts of antique, aristocratic origine into his repertoire of objects, thus broadening the critical possibilities of his discourse.

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