Works on display:

Günther Förg, Marina di Massa, 1986, b\w photograph

Günther Förg, Marina di Massa, 1986, b\w photograph, 280x131x7 cm

Hubert Kiecol, Untitled, 1987, concrete, 26x70x9 cm

Reinhard Mucha, Eslohe, 1986, Metal shoulder clamps, float glass, alkyd enamel painted on the reverse of glass, aluminum profile, door leaf with hinges synthetic resin paint, solid wood (worked found object), felt, blockboard, steel angle-connectors, corrugated cardboard, 97x220,1x41 cm

Thomas Schutte, Omino su scala, 1987, Watercolor and mixed media on paper, 122x102 cm

Thomas Schutte, Bird, 1983, Mixed media, Basis: wood, 80x150x18 cm; Bird: painted wood, 130x65 cm; Drawing: Gouache on cardboard, 134x111 cm