On Sunday 19 December at 12.00 a.m., there will be a performance at the Lia Rumma Gallery in Naples specially designed to mark the opening of the personal exhibition of the work of Marina Abramović.

Widely acknowledged as one of the leading artists on the international art scene for the last thirty years or more, Marina Abramović was born in Montenegro in 1946.

For the current exhibition, which re-utilises the title Cleaning the mirror, the artist will turn the theme of complementariness and mirroring between life and death into a theatrical performance during which her body, employed as the vehicle of energy par excellence, will once again undergo the direct confrontation with the human skeleton, the symbol of death. The exhibition will also contain a series of photographs taken on Marina Abramović’s return to Belgrade in 2003 after an absence of over twenty years.

With this exhibition, Marina Abramović further underlines how the feeling of life arises from the fundamental confrontation with death and re-emphasises the need to face existence with complete awareness and vitality.

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