On Sunday, October 15, 1989, at 11 a.m. Alberto Burri's solo show will open at the Lia Rumma Gallery, in via Vannella Gaetani 12, Naples.
The personal exhibition of Alberto Burri, one of the great figures of international art, is a very important event. The exhibition specifically designed for this significant occasion consists of three works, unpublished and in large format, linked to the work of recent years, marked mainly by a passion for Cellotex.
In Alberto Burri the fidelity to his roots has always been accompanied by taste, the need to experiment with unusual and surprising materials and shapes. The "Moulds", the "Tars", the mythical "sacelli" and then, gradually, the "Cretti" of the seventies up to the very recent "Cellotex" put on stage a theatre of matter and existence among the happiest and most painful of this century.
But in Burri, as in very few other contemporary artists, the life of the material is also an evolution of form, a space in which the upheavals of existence and the residual find a measure and a balance without interrupting or burning the labyrinthine flows of life.
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