The heart of the exhibition will consist of the video projections VB 66 and VB 67, made by the artist in 2010 at the Mercato Ittico (fish market) in Naples and the Studi Nicoli in Carrara respectively, and her photographs, mainly large-scale works, taken from the first of the two performances.

Sculpture is the genre that the artist has recently been exploring and “redefining”, together with performance art, in what has increasingly become an investigation and synthesis of the terrain vague that unites “the arts of time and the arts of space”. Not unexpectedly, the videos of the two performances VB 66 and VB 67 are full of references to cinema: echoes of Pasolini’s films emerge in the fixedness of the background of much of the framing, while atmospheres reminiscent of Antonioni’s work appear in the uneasy and rarefied silences of the models.

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