Marina Abramović was born in Yugoslavia in 1946. From the very outset of her career, in Belgrade during the seventies, she was one of the widely acknowledged protagonists of the international art scene. The body has always been the instrument of her work while self-control and physical and mental limits have been the parameters. This has led her to create performances centred on physical, psychological and emotional resistance to pain, exhaustion and danger, which are intended to be agents of a personal transformation that activate channels of communication which go beyond rationality. Marina Abramović's relationship with the public represents for her a source of energy and confrontation compared to the cathartic and liberating effect of her performances.

With this installation, presented for her first exhibition at the Lia Rumma Gallery, the artist goes back her life and career as a performer through a series of videos showing vivid close-ups of her face taken during her performances. A video made this summer at Stromboli will be shown at the exhibition for the first time.

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