On Thursday 29th June at 7 p.m. the solo exhibition of the German artist Reinhard Mucha entitled Mutterseelenallein (loneliness) will open.

Reinhard Mucha was born in 1950 in Dusseldorf, where he attended the prestigious academy in the 1970s. His most famous solo exhibitions took place in Stuttgart in 1985, Paris in 1986, Basel and Bern in 1987. In these exhibitions, designed specifically for the space dedicated to hosting her, Mucha used furniture and materials found on site: tables, chairs, stairs, lamps. The most common objects are thus transformed and loaded with new meanings, often subtly poetic. At the same time, the objects remain bearers of their particular history, given by their place of origin and their daily use. There is no doubt that in the sculpture of the last decade the figure and work of Mucha have taken on a decisive role on the international scene.  The German artist has, in fact, made a decisive contribution to thinking of sculpture as a training process in which internationality of design and attention to the values of form plays a relevant role. This is demonstrated by this exhibition, designed with the gallery space in mind. This is Mucha's first solo show in Italy. The exhibition path is marked by sixteen large frames made of wood, metal, glass and felt. Each frame contains a photo of a chair belonging to one of the custodians who, one decided years ago, supervised the "Winterausstellung" exhibition. Mucha thus thematizes the very concept of "art exhibition", while exploring all the implications of this singular cultural convention.