Lia Rumma Gallery opens its season in Milan with two video installations especially created for the occasion by the artist Gary Hill.
He bagan using a video camera in 1973. Since 1976, he has exclusively used video and video installation, producing a series of complex and often spectacular works made using multiple projections and linking the monitors to the other objects.
The spectator becomes actively engaged due to the careful way the exhibition space is arranged. In many cases, the viewer is subjected to differences in scale that create effects of proportional distortion and is caught emonionally unaware. The spectator's interest is continually aroused through interactive processes.
Gary Hill's work seeks to investigate the ambiguous areas of communication and re-esxamines, by means of technology, the relationship between the action of the body and the psyche, language and environment. He analyses the forma of perception, the diversity of possible languages (written, spoken, gestural) and their inter-relationship.
The very structure of the work sensitises mental and perceptive mechanism and the flow of thoughts in the mind trough a combination of visual and spatial elements. This is a further reason for the frequent occurrence in Gary Hill's works of his own body and voice which are able to assume a particular clarity through the use of the video camera. This technique produces vivid images that create a sense of expectation and eccourage one to listen and observe very carefully.
Each new project of the artist witnesses the continuity of his research and the variety of the processes of formulation which are frequently tinged with literary and and philosophical references that stimulate interest and reflection.
This exhibition consolidates the gallery's relationship with the artist who had already exhibited a series of works at Lia Rumma Gallery in Naples in 1996.