The installation "False Perspective" transforms the gallery, creating a radical change in the perception of space by means of a series of devices inspired by the principles of illusion through perspective.
Clegg and Guttmann separate the space into two parts. The first with a series of three-dimensional trompe l'oeil "bookshelves" which portray sections of shelving from libraries in Milan, New York and Berlin; the shelves with books on subjects related to different disciplines (geometry, architecture, psychology, linguistics, political theory and religion), although all are concerned with the theme of illusionism.
In the second part, which is constructed according to the principles of theatre set design, the same features create the optical effect of expanding the space in the gallery. “Knowledge sculpture" - the term given to the "bookshelves" by the two artists - refers to the range of possible meanings connected to the theme of false perspective, and alludes to the difference between the visible and underlying reality.

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