On the occasion of Art Basel 2022, Lia Rumma is pleased to present a project that draws its inspiration from Gino De Dominicis "In principio era l’immagine” (At the beginning was the image) (1981- 1982) now at MoMA in New York. The title of this work conceals a conception of the image, first and foremost artistic, primordial. As De Dominicis writes: "drawing, painting, sculpture are not traditional forms of expression, but are original". The image is, therefore, placed at the beginning, as an element of diversity capable of pursuing its own line of conception and existence. The works selected for Art Basel 2022 are by artists that have exhibited at Lia Rumma Gallery during the past 51 years and in which the image represents both a beginning and an end, a something "other than itself" capable of transcending and challenging the canonical categories of representation.

Artist Featured: Vanessa Beecroft, Alberto Burri, Gino De Dominicis, Paolo Icaro, Ilya&Emilia Kabakov, William Kentridge, Joseph Kosuth, Reinhard Mucha, Wael Shawky, Ettore Spalletti, Gian Maria Tosatti.