Michael Clegg (Dublin, 1957) and Martin Guttmann (Jerusalem, 1957) have been working together since 1980.

Both former students of Joseph Kosuth, they decided to work through a new use of the photographic medium, exploring different typologies of images: still life, landscape and especially portrait.

Despite the distances between genres, a fundamental shared aspect emerges in their works: the artists, in fact, introduce their subjects in a different and metaphysical dimension, far from the contingent reality. Thanks to this space of interposition offered by the privileged medium of photography, artists capture information deeply (and historically) encoded in the different categories of image.

In February 1987 they were invited to exhibit for the first time in Italy by Lia Rumma Gallery.

Important solo exhibitions have been dedicated to their work by renowned private galleries and museums, including the Israel Museum, (Jerusalem, 1987); Museum Schloss Hardenberg, (Velbert - Neviges, 1990); Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum, (Graz - 1993); Landesmuseum Mainz, (Mainz (1994); American Fine Arts, (New York, 1996); Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, (Trento, 1999); Sigmund-Freud-Museum, (Wien, 2004); Museion , (Bolzano, 2006); MUMOK (Vienna, 2010); GFLK Galerie fur Landschaftkunst, (Hamburg, 2011); BAWAG contemporary (Vienna, 2012); Kunstmuseum Basel (Basel, 2017).

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